A Letter From Our Chairwoman

On November 8, voters will be asked whether New Jersey’s Constitution should be amended to allow for the construction of two additional casinos in North Jersey.  Passage of this Constitutional Amendment would mark a major departure in the State’s gaming policy, one that will have devastating impacts on the entire South Jersey region.

That’s why we formed the No North Jersey Casinos Coalition – to defeat the ballot question that will create in-state competition in the gaming industry and cripple the South Jersey economy.

This unsound proposal will result in great damage to our region, with no documented credible economic gains to offset the losses that will be experienced in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, South Jersey and the State.

What we do know is that the gaming market in Atlantic City has stabilized, and that in-state competition will have a tremendously detrimental impact on our region.

What we and voters don’t know as they enter the polls on November 8 is:  where the casinos will be located; how much they will be taxed; how they will be regulated; the state’s share of the taxes to support programs for seniors and disabled; how much money and how will money be used for “recovery, stabilization and improvement” of Atlantic City.  All of those key decisions will be made by the State Legislature.

Proponents say that building two new casinos in North Jersey will save Atlantic City and the gaming industry.  We say, nothing is farther from the truth!

Make your voice heard.  Join our Coalition.  Sign our petition.  Tell your clients, colleagues, friends, family and neighbors to vote NO on November 8!

Debra P. DiLorenzo 
Chairwoman, No North Jersey Casinos Coalition 
President & CEO, CCSNJ